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03 Environmental Overview

Environmental Overview

Draft Environmental Assessment

An Environmental Assessment (EA) was prepared for the proposed project. The environmental study identified and assessed potential impacts due to the proposed project to the natural and human environment.

Draft Environmental Assessment PDF (84.3 MB)

Technical Reports/Forms/Public Involvement Documentation

Center for Transportation Research Independent Review

In 2021, the Center of Transportation Research (CTR) at the University of Texas performed an independent assessment on the safety and operational benefits being proposed by the I-35 Capital Express South project. They also identified potential impacts to low-income and minority communities adjacent to the project. The reports compared existing conditions with both the surface-level managed lane and elevated managed lane alternatives.

The CTR report showed that the elevated alternative improved safety and traffic operations of the corridor as compared to the surface-level alternative. This study confirmed that the elevated alternative would not affect, separate or isolate any distinct neighborhoods, ethnic groups or other specific groups as I-35 is an existing roadway. Below, are additional findings of the report:

  • Elevated managed lanes could reduce conflict points by up to 81%
  • Elevated managed lanes could reduce total crashes by 28%
  • Elevated managed lanes could result in 23 less severe crashes per year
  • Elevated managed lanes could save more than $20 million in property damage and medical costs associated with crashes
  • Elevated managed lanes could alleviate congestion on the local streets, such as South Congress Avenue and South First Street.

Download the Reports

CTR – Operational Analysis (PDF) CTR – Traffic Safety Evaluation (PDF) CTR – Environmental Justice Assessment (PDF)